Short Film (07:00 min) & Sculpture (29 x 8 x 8 cm) 

This short film was presented in combination with sculpture at the exhibition "Kleinen Gesellschaft für profane Reliquien", Hamburg, Germany under the theme “Relics”. Gallery Kleine Gesellschaft für Kunst und Kultur.
The inspiration came from a poem of famous Greek poet C.P. Cavafy “Longings”.
In film, it is represented in a metaphor, the violence of time upon unfulfilled longings. A man seems helpless to confront with it and keeps a passive attitude to its dominance. He surrenders on the force of time who abstracts violently something of himself, like hair, which change his appearance. He is unable to react at its power.
The selected music is relevant to the theme of the death and lost. Ophelia, same way, is an additional metaphor to those longings which never took existence but preferred to die and reflects visually a poem’s scene.
During the exhibition the film was displayed upon the gallery’s window visually both sides, inside the gallery and outside at the street. It was adjusted under these visual circumstances, so as the letters to be visually both sides, as well as in the square frame of the window. The version in this file is the original one, without the adjustments.
Sculpture 29x8x8 cm
Sculpture 29x8x8 cm
Sculpture 29x8x8 cm
Sculpture 29x8x8 cm
Τitle: Mausoleum
Dimension: 29x8x8 cm
Material: Milk bottle, Cotton Wool, Hair, Brass, Mini clothes peg

The title comes from a word of the poem of C.P. Cavafy presented on the film.
In a metaphorical way, the bottle is turned into a Mausoleum or grave for unfulfilled longings. That longings are the hairs that were abstracted violently in the film. The hairs in the bottle are the original that were cut off during the film rolling. So, they reflect the idea of “relics”, which was the theme of the exhibition. The wool gives a sense of softness and tenderness in the same way the poem speaks about longings. A mean of violence in the film, the clothes pegs, are turned into a gold crown in the mausoleum to signify dramatically and in relation with Ophelia the value of those unfulfilled longings.
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