This video performance is the first one of a series of works that would potentially include 5 videos. It started after being in quarantine for a couple of months due to current pandemic situation. With the condition of isolation into account, I am interested in exploring the various aspects of personal cosmogony when facing the mystery, fear, pain, pleasure, desire and the unknown of its own identity as a hidden, but simultaneously living, memory under a sadistic approach. Without wearing and facing the conventions of a formal society in the complete privacy of my own room and bathroom, a questionable personal freedom gives the possibility of exploration. Dealing with performative aspects of my own body, I use gazing as a tool of connection that relates the performer and the viewer, with the experience of watching and to be watched becoming a pornographic element for both sides. In video n. 2, elements of nature and History are related with the performative aspects. The female priestess from an ancient society from Minoan Crete, as a Snake Goddess, leading my performance, I am becoming her submissive and her powerful gazing dominates all the aspects of a memory which is watched as a pornography.
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