Short Film (06:04 min)

Since I started making videos and short films, I always had the desire to make a pornographic film. However, I faced some obstacles like my diffidence, no volunteers as performers and my unwillingness to use any porno web-site to release it. This short film was created accidentally and very spontaneously while I was TAing in lithography class. While working on a stone I realized that printmaking has a resemblance with sexual practices and decided to shoot that action. My primary intention was to present the pleasure of printmaking equally to sexual pleasures. This short film is a guide, or a small video tutorial, on those desperate artists, or not, whose sexual libido forces them to find alternative ways to get sexually satisfied. Experiencing a printmedia studio facilities could be a substitutional experience on sexual desires. When one of my friends watched it, rated it as pornography. Finally, my dream came true.
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