"Pornographic Memory 2" - Video Performance

"Pornographic Memory 1" - Video Performance

It's all Greek to you!

"It's all Greek to You!" - Screenprint on canvases & Writing

"Flows" - Video Installation - Mapping projection

"Zeitraum" - Three channel film - Video Installation

"Untitled" -  Mapping Projection on burlap - Video - Sound

"Series Self-portrait with closed eyes"
Fashion - Screenprint on Hoodie

"Self-portrait as Fayum Mummy portrait" -
Encaustic on plywood


"This is not a trip in Downtown Chicago" - Three channel video - Video Installation

"Permission of" - Photo-litho on paper

"Series Self-portrait as clothes pin" - Screenprint on paper

"Self-portrait as a Greek housewife and not a femme-fatale"
Mixed technique on Handmade paper

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